Baby Shower Table

Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a time to celebrate new life and welcome new beginnings. A small shower with close family and friends will create a fun, happy and intimate afternoon, enjoying good company before those sleepless nights. To make sure the afternoon is unique to any other shower, follow these steps:

1. The Date

Setting the date can be difficult as the question of ‘When is too early?’ often arises. Usually the shower is held in the last 2 months of pregnancy but there have been some parents that like to have the baby as the guest of honour. The date will depend on whether the parents-to-be are after a pre or post-baby shower.

2. Invitation

Not everyone has Facebook and phone calls tend to be forgotten. Formal paper invitations are the way to go, as the invited guest can stick it on their fridge where it can be seen. Create attractive invites by adding scrapbook pieces and material to the card. It is recommended to send invitations out with at least three week’s notice.

Baby shower invitation

3. Food and Drink

Sparkling apple juice or fruity mocktails are a great idea, as the mother-to-be can also enjoy these non-alcoholic beverages. At the end of the day, the afternoon is about her and no one likes being the only sober one at a party.

On the topic of food, choose dishes that can be eaten by hand and are easy to prepare so that no one is stuck in the kitchen all afternoon. Some suggestions are spinach and ricotta pastries, mini homemade pizzas, fruit kebabs and obviously the cheeky lollies and chips.

4. Games

Baby showers are famously known for playing silly games such as guessing the name or gender of the baby. The games could tie into the baby shower theme if you are having one. Some fun games include:

Guess the baby – Encourage your guests to bring picture of themselves as infants. Hang the photos along the wall and get everyone to try and decipher who’s who.

Sex poll – If the baby’s gender has not yet been announced, have two boxes, one pink and one blue. Have your guest put their name on a piece of card put it in the relevant box to guess the baby’s sex.

Guess the size of mum’s belly – All guests cut a piece of string guessing the size of the belly and check who is the closest at the end.

Baby shower games

Speed change – Have a competition on who can change a nappy the fastest.

5. Decorations

The decorations may depend on whether the gender of the baby has been revealed already or not. You may also have a theme tied in within the decorations. No need to go overboard with decorations, just add enough to create an atmosphere.

6. Create an agenda for the day

You don’t want the shower to drag so create an agenda with a fun flow to keep guests entertained and engaged. If you have several games planned, spread them out and serve food in between. Have the gift opening at the end.

Baby flowers

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