school formal theme

Why You Should Theme Your School Formal

Deciding whether to have a theme at a school formal is a big decision in itself. It’s not always easy to bring all of the elements together, and the theming can be hit or miss. It can be easier to have an unoriginal theme or no theme at all, rather than risking a dull event. However, better theming actually attracts more guests to your formal, creates hype beforehand and makes the event memorable and distinct.

Themed events are more successful than regular ones. No one wants to join a boring party. Themes set the mood throughout the evening. If every part of the formal matches the theme, it really transforms the atmosphere.

Guests will feel more excited to attend a themed celebration as it makes it more of a varied, special occasion. They can dress up and look different to how they normally would and there will be unusual activities for them to participate in.

Which Elements Can Be Themed?

Many aspects of the school formal can be themed. This can include the venue, lighting, tickets, marketing, social media, drinks, music, food, dress code, accessories and tables.

Themed events don’t need to be costly. Table decorations can be inexpensive and really add to the theme and atmosphere. A keepsake for each guest is a nice way for them to remember the evening.

The dress code can bring out the guest’s creativity. You can have a competition for best dressed with a prize to encourage extra effort. Having a dress code helps to make the event more cohesive and people will feel more included.

And of course, having a dress code results in more memorable photos and will look great in scrapbooks, photo albums and on social media. A photo booth with props can be great fun. People will look back fondly on the event for the rest of their lives.

How to Choose a Theme

Don’t just pick a random theme if there is something the students would prefer. You could get them to do a quick vote during class. Provide suggestions but allow them to suggest their own ideas.

Here are some creative examples of themed formals:

  • Zombies
  • Under the Sea
  • Parisian
  • Futuristic
  • Monopoly

Where Do I Start?

Planning a school formal for an entire grade and their guests can be fun, but incredibly stressful. To take the pressure off and make it the best formal it can be, one of the best investments you can make is hiring a professional event planner.

Contact Saber Events to ensure your school’s formal runs smoothly and have the attendees talking about how much they enjoyed it months later. We can work to any budget and theme and can get exclusive deals with suppliers using our extensive network in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.