Seeing the Seaside

By: Emily Hutton
Assistant event manager at Saber Events 
©2016 Saber Events Pty Ltd

Imagine being on holidays by the seaside, it’s bright and sunny so you close your eyes from the sun’s glare. You can still hear the waves lapping at the shore and you can imagine the deep green blue colours of the salty ocean. When I think of the ocean, I think aqua at first then deep ocean teal, I think of relaxation paired with adventure and excitement. Colour trends for 2016/2017 reveal that this beautiful deep ocean colour is on trend. Imagine a seaside wedding with teal sequined table runners, silver cutlery and big bunches of pink hibiscus with frangipanis sprinkled around. Picture sitting in a chair draped in soft ocean blue fabric, and drinking sapphire blue cocktails!

Or perhaps your holding a big corporate event inside, you could drench details in soft teal light and offer gorgeous river views. Maybe you want to hold a more extravagant event and hire out an aquarium for the night. Letting your guests watch, sharks, stingrays and fish swim by while enjoying a fresh seafood platter and sipping on refreshing cider.

Maybe you are opening up a new bar, night club or throwing a milestone birthday party and are looking for a beautiful theme to make your big night shine! Ocean blues bring a be autiful feel to any event. Think muslin cloth dropped from the ceilings, with soft white lounges and teal light, you could bring in palm trees, sea shells, and blue pina coladas.

This colour brings a touch of relaxation while capturing your sense of adventure, so for your next event consider going seaside teal, hire an event planner and let the adventures begin. Here at Saber Events we have collected some Pinterest brilliance to share and inspire your next event, however we pride ourselves in being able to take this inspiration and your ideas and creating an unforgettable event.

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