Make the Most of Your Event During a Power Outage

Written by: Jemanda Hannouf
Event Manager at Saber Events

After a recent power outage at a well-known Australian venue during a major event, we’ve come up with how to deal with a power outage at your party. If this dilemma occurs in the midst of your party, unless you have a backup generator, you will need to be creative! Along with these fun ideas, inform your guests that the party is still going ahead and remember to provide them with any updates provided regarding when the power will return.

1. Stay Calm

First thing first, try not to stress and keep a sense of humour. Remember that the host sets the tone for the party, so when something unpredictable occurs, remain calm and make light of the situation. It’s up to you to spring into action and keep the party going.

2. Music

If you have a backup power source such as a charged laptop, play some upbeat music. Everyone loves music. Or perhaps you have some talented guests who could perform an impromptu concert!

3. Candles

Grab out the candles. Not only will they light up the room, but they will help bring a peacefulness and elegance to the situation. Place them around the house and remember to light the bathroom! Don’t leave candles in rooms that are not attended by adults and keep them up high and out of reach for children.

4. Use Paper Dishes

Use plastic cups and paper plates. No electricity means no dishwasher. Everyone has some old Christmas party supplies hiding in the back of their Tupperware cupboard. So, we suggest using disposable cups, plates and utensils that can be disposed of rather than allowing the dirty dishes to pile up.

5. Catering

A party without power is still a party so eat, eat and eat some more! Seeing as no power means no oven or microwave, all your catering plans might have to go out the window, particularly if you planned on heating some party pies and sausage rolls. Here in Australia, we love our barbeques so you might be able to heat your food in there. If not, give your local Chinese restaurant a call and order some home delivery – spring rolls and samosas will be a perfect substitute.

6. Keep Drinks Cold

Break out the beverages. Pop down to the garage and grab out your esky or pick up a bag of ice from the local petrol station and fill up your bathtub. You’ll help keep your food contents cold by minimising the use of your fridge during the power outage.

7. Play Games

Make some fun memories with your guests. Play board games by candlelight or a shadow game. “Guess the Shadow” is a great way to make the most of the dark. All you need is your flashlight and your hands for some good, old-fashioned fun. The kids can also play a little hide and seek in the dark! To make it a little less scary for the kids, grab some glow sticks.

8. Dance the Night Away

Take the time to dance the night away. Once your guests are fed, and had a few drinks it is time to get your groove on. Clear a safe area with candles placed safely around and start dancing! If you’re party is outdoors, having some sparklers and glow sticks will make a spectacular scene!

Your event will still be a success and definitely a memorable one. Remember safety first and just have fun with the situation!

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