Having Your Event In A Function Room Or Hall Is So 2016!

Have you ever attended an event where you felt like you were suffocating, cooped up in a function room? There are so many different locations you could hold your next event; you just need to think outside the square.

Events these days can be held pretty much anywhere! It will create interest with your guest having the novelty of a unique and different location.


Stuck for ideas other than the boring old function room, why not hire a mansion! The size of mansions mean your options are endless. You can hire a personal chef to cook for your guests and have different sections of the house for different events throughout your occasion.


Feeling on top of the world? There is no better feeling and there is no other view quite like the one you will be giving your guests if you decide to take them to a roof top. Many events can be held on a rooftop, from a simple birthday party to a corporate sit down dinner or drinks. Give your guests something to talk about.

rooftop eventPicture sourced from Pinterest


Take your guests and give them an experience. Hold your next event at a theatre and organise some entertainment followed by drinks and canapes.

fountainPhoto sourced from http://marrinergroup.com.au/event-venues/plaza-ballroom


Give your next event that rustic vibe and organise it in a warehouse. The open space in warehouses gives you endless opportunities.

warehousePicture sourced from Pinterest



Surrounded by flowers, trees and bushes will give your next event that extra special element that just can’t be replicated within a ballroom. Bring your guests out under the stars and surround the area with fairy lights to ensure the event creates an unforgettable experience.

gardenPhoto sourced from Pinterest


Take a step outside and take in the beauty that a vineyard has to offer. Your next corporate event can be held outside amongst nature to give your event a special touch. The fresh, calm and free feeling could be what makes your event memorable for your guests.

outdoorsPhoto sourced from Pinterest

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