Gold & Blush Trend

By: Emily Hutton

Assistant event manager at Saber Events

©2016 Saber Events Pty Ltd


Looking for an amazing colour combination? Gold makes a statement, it screams luxury, boldness and beauty, combine it with a soft blush colour and something magical forms. Picture golden candelabras and pink glitter tablecloths, styled with metallic rose gold candle holders and you have yourself an on trend, beautiful but bold event.

Whether you are planning a gala ball, school formal, corporate event, wedding, milestone birthday party or any other event where you are hoping to make a memorable impression, then this theme could be the one.

Photo sourced from Saber Events – Candelabra for hire.

Gold creates a luxurious atmosphere, that when paired with a blush colour brings out the feelings of romance. Light reflects magically off metallic details and using glittery tablecloths will make your event literally shine, especially if you have pale pink chandeliers hanging from above.

Top & bottom left photos sourced from Saber Events, far right Pinterest sourced – Candelabras, plates and candle holder available for hire at Saber Events.

Table settings can go from ordinary to extraordinary, imagine, white tablecloths and a glittery pink table runners. Bunches of peonies and baby’s breath presented in metallic gold vases and blush metal candle holders reflecting candle light around the room. Plates bordered with gold edges and framed with decorative golden cutlery, that give you and your guests the feeling of royalty with every bite.