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5 Unusual Work Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Another year almost over, another work Christmas party to start organising. Do you dust off last year’s decorations, book the same venue and caterer with the same old Christmas lunch or do you organise something a bit different for the team this year?

The work Christmas party is a way to thank staff for their awesome work and to let the team feel appreciated, and also have some fun. Through the event theming and event styling you can create one of these unique Christmas party ideas for something completely different which your staff will be raving about:

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

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How many of us have those dorky hand knitted Christmas sweaters, you know the ones featuring all your favourite Christmas characters, knitted in horrible shades of red, green, brown and purple – the ones your sweet old Grandma makes! This year it is time to dig out those horrid sweaters, because this year’s unique Christmas party attire is ugly Christmas sweaters.

For the Christmas party everyone must find a Christmas sweater to wear to the party. If for some reason you don’t own one borrow or check out your local op shop. Any staff who doesn’t arrive wearing a sweater will be given a spare one, and a pair of reindeer ears or something else embarrassing to wear for fun.
To tie in the theme, decorate the room with bright and fun decorations and offer a prize for the ugliest sweater.
This is a great style of party to incorporate some fun games to keep the party a little more interesting.

2. Christmas Masquerade Ball

If your office is on the casual side, how about a Christmas themed Masquerade Ball where everyone has to come dressed up. For those who arrive without a masquerade mask, set up a mask-making station with glue, coloured card, felt pens, glitter, feathers and other decorations.
Create a photo booth area with a material backdrop and a table of props; moustaches, fairy wands, Santa hats, reindeer ears, feather boas and chalkboard signs.

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For decorations, think theatre masks or tall feather centrepieces. Contact our office to see which feather centrepieces our party planners recommend. You could choose a specific colour theme for the event decorations – red and black or purple and black are popular masquerade colours. For catering organise delicious finger foods, and keep great music pumping all night.
Masquerade balls are for dancing so make sure you pick a brilliant band, DJ or iPod music that will keep everyone dancing. A prize for best-dressed and best dancer is a good idea.

3. The Amazing Race Christmas Party

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Take some inspiration from the TV show, The Amazing Race, and have a Christmas party and team-building exercise all in one. This is a great game to pair up staff or allow staff to bring their partners along.
Start at the office and organise a scavenger hunt to different locations in your area.
You can also add some “roadblock” tasks in there; where your staff are not allowed to move to the next stage until they’ve completed a specific task.
Get teams to collect a stamp or an item at each stop or use their smartphones to take a photograph at specific locations – you want to ensure they’ve actually been to every stop.
Make sure you provide them with a map, list of items to collect, tasks to complete and a set of game rules.
The last pit stop should be back at the office or an ‘after party’ location as this is where everyone can have lunch and celebrate their successes.
A party planner at Saber Events can help you organise a party like this if you don’t have the time.

4. The Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

Even though it doesn’t snow much in Australia why not transform the party room into a White Winter Wonderland. Decorate your party space with loads of white, use white material for draping, Christmas fairy lights and glittering snowflake cut-outs. If your budget allows organise an ice sculpture – but make sure you have an air-conditioned venue for this!
For drinks serve white cocktails, and for food keep it warm and funky – quiches, crocket balls, savoury mince pies.

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If it is too hot to dress in warm woolly winter attire ensure the dress code on the invite is ALL WHITE, no exceptions, this way you can keep with the white winter feel. Scarves, beanies or gloves could be some funny accessories. If it is hot where you are set the air-conditioning as low as possible.
For a fun interactive element hire casino tables, like blackjack or poker, and print fun money with your company logo on it.

5. Christmas Circus has come to town

This is a great unique Christmas theme for something different at your work Christmas party. The key is to have the right decorations that will have employees and guests raving about the visual effects and ambiance of the party for weeks to come.
The most important element of a circus themed party is entertainment, so you should consider hiring a few acts such as clowns and jugglers. Other great additions would be having a comedian as MC and hiring a magician who can perform roaming magic.
For the decorations, you will need to use long drapery and the colour design theme should include a lot of bright reds, similar to big circus marquee colours.
In addition to your catering ensure you have a popcorn machine, fairy floss machine and roasted peanuts. You may also want to hire a daiquiri machine as well.

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If you require help organising any of these unique Christmas work party ideas, you can hire a party planner. Contact our office on 1800 808 505 or through our website. Alternatively you can email us at