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12 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings


Image sourced from Pinterest.

1. They wake up early

Start the day at the same time everyday regardless of how much sleep you get the night before.

Do not push snooze, not another 5 minutes – GET UP!


2. They exercise

Go for a walk, start with a short walk and then increase daily. Walking in the morning will get your endorphins going and this will help your overall mood. If you have any health concerns, always consult your doctor.


3. They eat a healthy breakfast

Eat a healthy well-balanced breakfast to start your day. Choose a low-GI breakfast, as this will help you last longer. Make sure you pack healthy snacks for the day.


4. They arrive early

By being an early bird, you will beat peak traffic, as most people might sleep in on Monday. Also, being at work early will give you time to handle any morning tasks and will give you time to breathe before everyone else arrives.


5. They tidy and clean their desk and computer

Any work that was not completed on Friday can be finished on Monday morning. Organise and prioritise your calendar, projects, work tasks. Keep your work area clean as it makes your environment more pleasant. Fresh flowers are always a nice addition to the office.


6. They make time for unexpected projects and tasks

Successful individuals expect the unexpected on a Monday.


7. They update their goals and to do lists
Get yourself organised. Create 5 – 6 work goals you would like to achieve for the week, write a few brief notes on how to achieve them. Visualisation is an important and effective technique, so visualise how you are going to complete your goals.


8. They greet team members and the boss

It is very important to do this every morning to keep morale high, but on Monday it’s particularly valuable. Try to smile as much as you can.


9. They always screen their emails for any urgent actions required

Mark the important emails with a star and a follow up reminder.


10. They learn to say no

Learning to say no helps….

If your boss needs you, then it is expected. However, if you have crucial task or meeting to attend, then give your boss the heads-up.


11. They don’t procrastinate

Putting off the least desirable and challenging projects are easy to put off, but your energy is stronger in the morning, so that’s the ideal time to confront the most difficult of tasks. Difficult phone call or meeting you need to have? Do it in the morning. Don’t put off the inevitable.


12. They stay focused

Successful people don’t dwell too much on any challenging events that occurred last week, or if something happened on the weekend. Staying focused and on track will help you manage your time successfully and move forward.