Country themed event

10 Ways To Use A Wine Barrel At Your Event

Love a country themed event? Here are 10 ways to use wine barrels to achieve that rustic look.

1. Open bar – Use wine barrels as a drinking station

Country themed event

2. Display photos of your loved ones or sit flowers on top

Country themed event       Country themed event

3. Wine barrels make the perfect entrance for your ceremony aisle

wedding barrels

4. They are a beautiful way to display your cake and other desserts

wine barrel with cakes

5. Wine barrels can be used as bar tables. Cover with a cloth for a softer look.

wine barrel bar table

6. Try using a barrel as the signing table for your ceremony

wine barrel table

7. Use multiple barrels as a support for the dining table.

wine barrel dining table

8. Have your guests sign the barrel.

sign the barrel

9. Use as a card barrel at your event

card barrel

Photos above source from Pinterest

Wine Barrels, timber slices and ceremony setups are available for hire from Saber Events. Floral arrangements can be arranged by Saber’s in-house florist.