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Top 10 Steps to Plan Your Work Christmas Party

It is exciting times with Christmas less than 3 months away. This means it is time to start planning! While Christmas can be great, planning a work Christmas Party can be stressful and overwhelming. We have put together a quick guide of the main items you should consider when planning the perfect event.

Dinner Menu Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Dinner Menu Image Sourced from Pinterest.

1. Pick a Date

The earlier you pick a date the easier it will be. Christmas is the busiest time of the year with colleagues having other commitments to attend to.

Thursday and Fridays are normally a good choice if you are holding a lunch during working hours. Saturday night is another good option, but remember any parents will have to have time to find a babysitter. For family friendly Christmas parties, a Saturday or Sunday is a good option.

Pick a date and stay firm on this date. Whatever date you pick will not please everyone. It is inevitable that someone won’t be able to attend on that day.

Christmas Date Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Christmas Date Image Sourced from Pinterest.

2. Establish the Budget

Find out how much money you are able to spend on the function. The budget will have an impact on the style of party you organise and the venue. It will also affect catering choices and the day of the week it is held. You will also have to know whether your company will pay for the drinks, part of it or none at all. If you are holding your party at night or on the weekend are partners and families invited?

Some companies give a lump sum amount while others give an amount per attendee. If it is a lump sum divide this by the estimated number of people attending to work out the per person rate. This can make it a lot easier when looking at prices. Try to find a venue and catering for $20-$30 less than the per person rate. This will give residual money for a drinks tab or entertainment.


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3. Pick a Venue

There are lots to decide when picking a venue:

  • Location
  • Type of party – cocktail, sit-down, action packed
  • Transport or Parking
  • Size of the venue – will everyone fit

4. Invites and RSVPs

Once you have a date and venue be sure to send out invitations. Try to give as much notice as possible so that all the staff can pencil this in their calendar.

The best way to track the RSVP’s is to create an Excel spreadsheet. Don’t forget to plan a few reminders to send out to ensure your RSVP is under control.


Christmas Party Image Sourced from Pinterest.

5. Decide on a Theme for Your Party

Some venues do include Christmas themed table decorations in their packages. If your venue doesn’t come with any options, you could organise quotes from local theming companies.

A theme can be great fun and add some extra sparkle to your event. There are plenty of themes to choose from. Traditional ones like Winter Wonderland or a modern Christmas, enchanted garden or just a straight colour scheme. Maybe all the staff can come dressed as their favourite Christmas character.

There are so many table decorations to choose from centrepieces, charger plates, coloured cutlery, Christmas themed decorations. If you have plenty of money, why not get an ice sculpture or a chocolate fountain.

Santa Gift Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Santa Gift Image Sourced from Pinterest.

6. Food

The type of party you are holding may decide the catering for you. On your invite don’t forget to ask for any special dietary requirements.

Food is a very important part of any party or event. Average food can ruin even the best party so make sure you put lots of thought into your catering.

A lunch-time event may suit a buffet or sit-down meal better. For evening functions there are many choices, from canapés to fork buffets to sumptuous three course meals.

Your chosen caterer will be able to help guide you on the choices that best suit your budget and theme.

Ensure you obtain multiple quotes and cross check it includes napkins, cutlery and rubbish removal.

Food for a work Christmas party

Image sourced from Pinterest.

7. Entertainment

Hopefully you are running on budget and you will have a few extra dollars to spend on some entertainment. If you have booked out the venue you may be able to get a DJ or a band.

Other forms of entertainment that would suit is a visit from Santa. You could organise Santa to bring along your office Secret Santa presents.

Or something a bit more exciting you can have the bar staff making custom cocktails. What about fire twirlers, stilt walkers or casino tables?

If children are attending you could arrange a face-painter, balloon artist, jumping castle (check with local council) or even a science show.

Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Image Sourced from Pinterest.

8. Finer Details

Now that everything is pretty much under control it is time to work out the finer details. Will there be speeches at your function? Who will make them? How long will they be? Will there be awards?

It is also time to consider if you want additional extras at your party. Will you need a photographer or goodie bags for the end of the night? Sometimes it is the little things we forget!

Christmas Party Bar Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Christmas Party Bar Image Sourced from Pinterest.

9. Start Planning

At Saber Events we run through our checklist everyday ensuring we are on target and on schedule for every event.

Print out our checklist and start planning! Don’t forget to delegate whenever possible. Also don’t forget this is your work Christmas party too. Enjoy it!

If you find that you just don’t have the time to organise your staff function, call us. We can organise some or all of the event for you, sticking with your budget and theme.Planning Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Planning Image Sourced from Pinterest.

10. Feedback and Review

In the week after the party, while the excitement is still in everyone’s mind, ask for feedback. Find out what people liked and what they didn’t like. What worked and what didn’t work? Send an email to the venue either thanking them for a great night or telling them of any concerns you had. Make notes of this so that next year you can do it all again, but even better.

It is also good to write a review on the venue’s website or any of the many review websites.

Image Sourced from Pinterest.

Image Sourced from Pinterest.

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